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Sight loss does not dictate your skill, work ethic, or potential. Let’s work together to build your career and find the right employer looking for your talent.

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Come to Work  isn’t just a job search. We’re here to support you through the entire process and provide:

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    Resume Development

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    Networking Opportunities

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    Skill Building Opportunities

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    One-on-One Assistance

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    Interview Prep

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    Hiring Trends and Tactics

Meet some of the talented Canadians that have found opportunity and built their careers through the program.

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Say Hello to Denise Justin

Denise Justin wants you to ask her about her braille logo. She owns Say Hello 2 Blindness Accessories, a product line that she hopes will raise awareness about sight loss. Watch the video for her story!

Brett Devloo

Skateboards, Sight Loss and Speaking Out with Brett Devloo

Check out our podcast with Brett Devloo, a skateboarder and entrepreneur who makes YouTube videos, a clothing line and runs a non-profit!

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Look At Me Now: Binta

Binta has been partially sighted for five years. Her glaucoma led to several surgeries, and she lost her job when she lost her sight. CNIB’s Come to Work program was a great motivator because it helped her entertain different job possibilities and realize that there might still be opportunities for her in the labour market. 

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Look At Me Now: Janna Faris

Janna Faris wants to break down barriers and shatter glass ceilings. As a Canadian with sight loss, searching for a job was one of the most stressful experiences of her life. Through CNIB’s Come to Work program, she was able to secure a position with the Government of BC.

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