All Things Guide Dogs

Date February 15, 2024
Time 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
Event Type Virtual
Program Type Career & workplaces

Event Overview

This session addresses various aspects of applying for and living with a guide dog, focusing on the process with CNIB Guide Dogs. It covers preparation for applying, details of the application process, expectations throughout the guide dog journey, and the challenges guide dog handlers may encounter in the workplace.

1. Preparation for Applying for a Guide Dog: Discusses the essential steps individuals should take before applying for a guide dog, including assessing their lifestyle, mobility needs, and commitment to the training process.

2. Application Process with CNIB Guide Dogs: Provides a thorough overview of the application process with CNIB Guide Dogs, covering eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and the assessment and training stages.

3. Guide Dog Journey Expectations: Explores the various phases of the guide dog journey, from initial training to the ongoing relationship between the handler and the dog.

4. Stigma and Barriers in the Workplace: Addresses the societal stigmas and potential workplace barriers that guide dog handlers may encounter.

5. Guide Dog Experience in the Workplace: Provides insights into the day-to-day experiences of having a guide dog in the workplace.

6. Workplace Laws and Accommodations: Outlines the legal rights and accommodations available to guide dog handlers in the workplace.

7. Handling Conflicting Rights: Offers guidance on navigating situations where conflicting rights arise, addressing the delicate balance between the rights of the guide dog handler and the rights of others in the workplace.

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